Initial Visit
Before we pet sit the first time, we need to schedule an initial visit to meet both you and your pets. The visit will be about 30 minutes. You can show us where things are and it allows us to get familiar with your pets. Here is some information that will help before we meet for that first visit:

Your keys will be safe with us. We have them numbered and locked away in a secure location. Each number is then cross-referenced in a separate location so no one will be able to take your key and know which house the key goes with. By keeping a key in our possession, all it takes is a phone call to schedule your next reservation. We request two keys from each client - one for your pet setter and one that stays at the office in case of an emergency should your pet sitter become unavailable.

Payment Options
The most convenient way to submit payment is to leave full payment in the home, to be picked up at the first visit of that pet sitting. This is requested for small trips especially. For longer trips or if the number of visits is somewhat unknown, we can leave a bill with you on the last visit so you can send us a payment within 10 days.

For more information about our services, please use our Information Form and we will quickly get back with you.

References available upon request.

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