Geist Pet Sitting began in 2003 when we decided to start our own business taking care of other peopleís pets, loving them just like they were ours.

At the time, we had a beautiful German Shepherd named Elsa. We used a wonderful pet sitter ourselves for a couple of years to let Elsa outside for a potty break while we were at work and when we decided to go out of town. It was such a relief, knowing she was being cared for by a professional who not only loved her but someone we could trust in our house. And, Elsa didnít have to spend time locked up in a kennel while we were out of town. She was in her comfortable house with her toys while barking at the activity outside while waiting for her special friend to stop by.

With our love of animals, we wanted to share that experience with others in the area. There are terrible stories of the stress pets go through while being locked in a kennel or "pet suite" for several days, around other animals who are just as stressed, while not eating or having other digestive issues. Why not try something different? Plus, your mail and packages are brought into the house, lights and blinds are rotated, and that look that someone is around, just in case mischief is lurking around the corner.

We are fully bonded and insured and member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) .

For more information about our services, please use our Information Form and we will quickly get back with you.


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